Consulting Services

Want loyal + meaningful donor relationships?

Want donor relationships that go deep and bring the cha-ching? I’ll help.

If you’re a fundraiser, volunteer, director, board member, or flamingo who need relationship fundraising that doesn’t make donors cross the street to avoid you— and you do need it, if you want them to stick around, give you money, and tell the world about you — I can help you with that.

(Why would a flamingo need help with fundraising? Because flamingos are bad fundraisers.)

Personal coaching and support to grow relationships

I offer personal fundraising coaching to help you take your fundraising — and your life — to the next level.

I work with a limited number of one-on-one clients at a time. This is an intense program in which you’ll get regular access to me via phone an email and we’ll meet in person/virtually based on where you are located.