YEAH! You did it!


Thank you for taking the Donor Relationship Quiz! This quiz assesses how well you understand your donors, understanding your donors on a deeper level fosters stronger connections and meaningful interactions.

15 or more yes answers:
Congratulations! Your Donor Map is robust, indicating a solid understanding of your donors‘ lives, interests, and motivations. While you’re off to a great start, it’s important not to take this understanding for granted. Continue nurturing your donor relationships by regularly updating your Donor Maps. Engage in personal conversations, share stories of impact, and delve into both past memories and future aspirations. Want to delve deeper into donor relationships and enhance your skills? Explore All About Donors, a comprehensive bundle containing our top-rated programs designed to strengthen your connections and elevate your fundraising efforts.

8 to 14:
Your relationship with your donors is at a critical juncture. While there are strengths to build upon, there are also areas that require attention. Consider investing time in understanding your donors‘ worlds by asking open-ended questions about their interests, motivations, and philanthropic goals. Whether you’re looking to improve x, deepen the relationship, or foster trust, the Donor Relationship Coach can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs.

7 or fewer:
There’s room for improvement in your donor relationships. It’s possible that you haven’t had the tools or opportunities to truly understand your donors, or your connection may have weakened over time. Regardless, now is the time to focus on gaining deeper insights into your donors. Strengthening your understanding of them will undoubtedly enhance your fundraising efforts. Interested in gaining a deeper understanding of your donor relationships? Discover where you stand with the Donor Relationship Adviser. Receive a personalized action plan to achieve your unique fundraising goals.

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Take advantage of the Donor Relationship Adviser to identify strengths and weaknesses in your donor relationships, and receive a tailored plan to deepen your connections. Additionally, consider leveraging the expertise of the Donor Relationship Coach to implement proven strategies and foster more meaningful connections with your donors.