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I run a global consultancy in Zurich, formerly a major gift officer at the American Red Cross and Doctors without Borders in Switzerland. I earned advanced degrees and training in research-based fundraising from Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Dr. Jen Shang in the US/UK.


In addition to being a Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE), I’m a Master Trainer with more than fifteen years of experience in training and mentoring. I spent a decade teaching and mentoring students of diverse backgrounds at two large US universities while working on my PhD about social justice and the environment.


Having lived and worked across North America and Europe, I’ve learned a thing or two about building relationships that extend beyond borders and communities. Being a bridge is my superpower #RelationshipsAreEverything

I’ve worked with biggies and teeny-tiny nonprofits to boost donor engagement and loyalty…

Using methodical—and a little bit genius—donor insights you cannot find in a data set or imagined supporter profile. 


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Work with me to grow your impact and fundraising.

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Utilize my proven system to to grow deep relationships with your donors and skyrocket your fundraising.

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Hello there!

I’m Julie Berthoud,

I help you apply research-based strategies that will propel your organization forward to receive more funding for your mission.

Over the past several years, several biggies, such as the American Red Cross and Doctors without Borders asked me to step aboard as frontline major gift officer to develop their donor portfolios. Managing numerous multi-million dollar portfolios, gave me a keen insight into what it takes to grow major giving.

Last year I decided to branch out on my own to help make an even bigger impact. 

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