Clarity, Ease, and Transformation -
Through Equitable
Donor Relationships

Let's make the world more equitable and kind - with donor retention strategies that turn interest into real engagement.

Let's make the world a little more just, humane, and beautiful through fundraising!

What do you need right now?

A proven donor retention strategy grounded in equity that cultivates deep connections and increases donations for your mission.

Looking for individual support and tailored solutions to your specific questions in the areas of donor relations, donor retention, and major giving.

Your donors are often not addressed personally or consistently due to a lack of time and resources.

Your donors are attracted to your kind, appreciative communication and feel understood, which motivates them to donate more.

You find it difficult to address your donors in a tailored way and to retain them.

You understand the needs of your donors and know how to respond to them.

Ihr tut euch schwer, eure Spender:innen maßgeschneidert anzusprechen und langfristig an eure Organisation zu binden.

Ihr kennt die Bedürfnisse eurer Spender:innen und wisst, wie ihr auf sie eingehen könnt, ohne euch zu verstellen.

Known from:

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Feeling seen and appreciated -
based on equity and research

Are you an organization that values progressive change? Do you enjoy learning and showing up as your full self? Would you like to work with an experienced frontline fundraiser?

Then relationship fundraising is right for you!

"But Julie, what
exactly is
relationship fundraising?"

Relationship fundraising focuses on cultivating long-term, meaningful and authentic relationships with donors. The goal is to foster trust, engagement, and mutual appreciation, leading to increased donor retention and larger contributions.

High satisfaction!

Developing your donor relationship:

These values guide me:

centering justice, equity, and belonging

being brave,
compassionate, and kind

creating community, change, and collaboration

animals and nature

making space for rest, healing, and connection

leading with love, abundance, and service

In 5 steps more clarity, ease and impact

It is important to me that you achieve your individual goal, are enthusiastic about the result, and feel motivated. To make this happen, I have developed a process that is based on my experience and ensures that we efficiently work together with fun while centering equity.

Getting to know each other: Get-to-know-you session (20 min) to see if and how we can work together on a personal and professional level.

Initial consultation call: We decide on a free consultation (90 min) to better understand your situation.

Your individual plan: I will write you an offer and recommend one of my relationship fundraising packages that suits you.

Onboarding + Milestones: We start our cooperation with all participants and define responsibilities. At carefully chosen points, we review the results to date and optimize.

Goal achieved: We conclude our great cooperation with a good feeling and celebrate the results we have achieved together.

Ziel erreicht: Wir schließen unsere tolle Zusammenarbeit mit einem guten Gefühl ab und feiern uns für die gemeinsam erreichten Resultate.

Let's elevate your impact through relationship fundraising that is grounded in social justice!

I help your organization scientifically and empathetically to make the world a better place.

In an initial call we talk about your goals.