I show fundraisers and nonprofits profitable action steps for building deep donor relationships and help your organization go from reactive to proactive fundraising.

Here’s my official bio:

I’m an international fundraising and education expert who’s been featured on SOFII (UK), AFP Global (USA), Fundraiser Magazin (Germany), and The Charity Report’s 2020 List of Exceptional Women (Canada). I help non-profits worldwide build deep relationships with donors. Through my work with several small and large NGOs spanning North America and Europe (including biggies like Doctors without Borders and the American Red Cross) I’ve seen firsthand that transactional donor relations are unsustainable and that helping supporters get inspired by aligning their values and dreams with a non-profit’s mission is pure magic for getting donors to love you, advocate for your mission, and happily give you transformational gifts.

I’m a highly trained major gift officer, whose worked in North America and in Europe and who doesn’t believe in gift levels (ask me about this). I’m also highly trained in analysis, strategy, and capacity-building through my PhD in feminist and postcolonial literature. I’m the creator and curator of #RelationshipsAreEverything summit – the annual global fundraising summit for relationship fundraisers and a committee member for #SwissFundraisingDay and #AFPGlobal. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, my biggest passion is the social good sector and doing great fundraising. Through my studies with both Dr. Adrian Sargeant and Dr. Jen Shang, I have a diploma in fundraising and a certificate in philanthropic psychology with distinction, which makes me one of few individuals trained in identity-based fundraising aka donor-centricity 3.0.