Simone’s Bookshelf: more lifelong learning ideas

Hi again from Simone Joyaux… More lifelong learning ideas. Just a quick run around my office.

Authors / sources that I regularly read (or must read very soon!) – just good business stuff!

  • Jim Collins
  • Heath Brothers
  • Seth Godin (His free daily blog and all his books!)
  • Harvard Business Review

About the nonprofit sector and fundraising and stuff…just a very very few…

  • Adrian Sargeant and Jen Shang (All their books and articles…And the reports on the website Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.)
  • Roger Craver (Free daily blog and books)
  • Jeff Brooks and Tom Ahern (Donor-centered communications)
  • SOFII (Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration)
  • Moceanic 
  • These are just my top-of-mind this week. But there are soooooo many more.

Now for some seemingly unusual – but actually very important researchers/authors – for fundraising…

  • Dan Ariely
  • Antonio Dimasio
  • Daniel Kahneman

P.S. Always always remember. While I’m a USA citizen, I was raised in an international household. I present all over the world. And I know very well that the US of A didn’t invent fundraising and doesn’t lead the world’s nonprofit sector. 

  • So please please do not just pay attention to resources from the US or North America. Check out all the fundraising and nonprofit associations in countries around the world. 
  • Yes! Located all around the world. China and Japan. In various countries in South America and North America. Various countries in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. India and and and…
  • So many countries. So much learning. Common bodies of knowledge based on academic and practitioner research.
  • Different cultures and different applications. Different experts and authors and…

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