Fundraiser’s Bookshelf

As a bookworm the Fundraiser’s Bookshelf is a must for me. All my life I’ve loved books – in fact, my first job was at the local public library as a „Bücherkind“, a „book child“ sorting library books and putting them back on the shelves. After my shift I used to drag a very heavy backpack stuffed with new reading material home excited to check out my newest finds.

I like reading about a variety of topics. Often, I find topics seemingly disparate to inform each other. And I enjoy working interdisciplinarily. So it comes as no surprise that in this section you will find reading suggestions on different topics. I keep adding to these lists. Tell me about your recommendations.

Here you can find Simone Joyaux’s inaugural Fundraiser’s Bookshelf post

More posts coming up soon!

For reading recommendations on other topics:

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For a comprehensive list of essential and must-read books, please visit SOFII’s Great Fundraiser’s Bookshelf

I am, I am

In wisdom I walk

In beauty may I walk . . .

In beauty it is restored.

The light, the dawn.

It is morning.

—Luci Tapahonso